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Picking Grapes
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Zimbos living in SA in Catch-22 situation

With a big basket, Hitele Hlalathi furiously picks grapes in a vast plantation that goes as far as the eye can see at a farm on the outskirts of South Africa’s largest city.

Picture of Job Seekers
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The anguish of foreign job-seekers

YOSEPH Igdobe migrated from Nigeria to Harare two years ago. But he is fed up with unemployment.

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Zim immigrants sidelined from health services

Experts say Zimbabwe’s steeply sliding economy is again driving locals to South Africa and Botswana, as they fear that the Zimbabwean government has no solution to the problems facing the country.

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Of Rape and HIV Infection, the Plight of Refugees In Transit

Fate has somehow found her stuck deep in Tongogara refugee camp in Chipinge where she has not been able to continue with her studies and bright future aspirations are fading by the day.


Hwange chiefs lead campaign to end child marriage

Chiefs in Victoria Falls have joined the crusade to end child marriages by introducing programmes and customary laws which discourages the scourge of teenage marriages.


Secret birth pupils dumps baby in blair toilet

A FORM Four pupil at Nemane Adventist High School in Tsholotsho secretly gave birth at school and dumped the baby in a Blair toilet.


Ndanga warns apostolic faith members

THE president of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ), Archbishop Johannes Ndanga, said the organisation will not protect anyone found guilty of promoting or engaging in child marriages using church beliefs.


Binga teachers blamed for early child pregnancies

BINGA villagers have accused some teachers working in their communities of impregnating pupils resulting in a high percentage of school dropouts in the district.


Teenage pregnancies rife in Mat South

Many children in Matabeleland South are in similar and if not worse predicament with her. Widespread poverty and disruption of education services has led to the increase of pregnant teenagers and children labourers who are working in hazardous conditions as a means of survival.


Laws not enough to end child marriages – persuasion also needed.

Nyasha sits down with her daughter on her lap, tears trickling down her face. Her boss has not been treating her and her child well since she started working as a maid in Chinhoyi town.