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Settling on wetlands costly for Zimbabwe

Jackie Mbayiwa-Makuvatsine

Maxwell Makushe always dreamt of owning a house in Harare as he grew up. As an accountant employed by a reputable bank in the country, Makushe’s received his mortgage allowance to purchase a housing stand and he settled for Monavale, it was an answer to his prayers.

Little did he know that one day, floods would fill the beautiful and precious home he loved so much. This season’s rains were a nightmare not only to Makushe, but to a lot of people in Harare, Chitungwiza and Chikanga in Mutare who have built on wetlands.

Residents of Manyame Park in Chitungwiza, Westlea, Monavale and some parts of Mabelreign paid dearly as furniture and property was damaged by floods.

Emmah Museve of Mabelreign said she will never forget the chilling cold that woke her up to discover the whole house flooded.

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