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The curse of Mutoko’s black granite

LEONARD Chimbaira sits outside his thatched hut in Nyamakosa Village in Mutoko.


He cannot sleep as rock blasting and the sound of heavy machinery at the black granite mine a few kilometres away and haulage trucks moving along the dirt road connecting his village to the Harare-Nyamapanda highway, produce a lot of noise.

Over the years, Chimbaira has watched in agony the miners exploiting the natural resource, taking it out of his village with no returns.

The roads are bad and the area is grossly underdeveloped despite the abundance of the precious stones being trucked away by both local and foreign-owned firms for use in the construction of expensive and precious building materials.

“The heavy trucks have been moving in and out of this area with the black granite blocks for the past two decades but this area is not developed. We are supposed to benefit from our natural resources but in Mutoko it is the other way.

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