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Inside Mbare’s filthy sausage factory

The Standard recently ran a story of street butcheries selling sausages under unhygienic conditions. The source of the sausages were unknown and their storage facilities questionable.

Last week we tracked down one sausage factory in Magaba area of Mbare. Commonly referred to as kwaKoefman, the area is no different from most parts of the sprawling suburb.

Piles and piles of rotting garbage line up the dirt road that leads to Unifresh butcheries were the sausages are produced.

The pungent smell that comes from the rubbish deposits is nauseating and for a moment we are not sure we are on the right track.

How can such filth be in the same vicinity with a huge factory that makes sausages for human consumption? Hordes of flies, especially the notorious green bombers that are never far away from rotting flesh swarm the place.

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