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Corruption At Beitbridge Border Post Fuelling Child Migration

By Thomas Madhuku,

Harare. (News Of The South) – Worsening poverty levels in Zimbabwe have seen an increase in the number children between the ages of 12 and 18 crossing illegally into neighbouring South Africa.

The children illegally cross into South Africa despite laws that prohibit movement of unaccompanied children without proper documentation, measures put in place to curb human trafficking, illegal adoption and child kidnapping.

An investigation by this reporter unearthed a syndicate of haulage truck drivers who work in cahoots with corrupt immigration to facilitate movement of illegal migrants including children below the ages of 18.

The border jumpers reportedly pay up to R2000 which is shared among the dealers.

Unlike the normal system where truck drivers declare goods and are searched, some drivers engage in shady deals with unscrupulous immigration officials before being allowed to proceed.


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